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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Salam'alaykum wbt...

It feels great! Now I understand why people always adore their nieces or nephews even though they're not even their own kids. Babies and children... They came directly from heaven with pure heart and adorable faces. That's what makes us become really attracted to their cuteness. Name me who doesn't? =D

Now I have one nephew on my own. And it feels great! Alhamdulillah... It's a blessing from Allah SWT. =) We were so excited to have him as part of our not-so-small-but-not-that-big family. And when we received the news from my brother that SAF was born on Tuesday, I'm actually the MOST EXCITED person! Oh well... pardon me. =P

And because of this cute little boy, my family and I have to fly away directly from Kuantan to Penang, to welcome him in our lives!
*Well, actually, I think it's kinda because of me... Well, I'm not that patient enough to wait for another few weeks to see him! So, I kinda force ask my parents to go together as soon as we can. And we end up buying airplane ticket on the spot. Can you imagine how much does it cost??? It's so expensive. SERIOUSLY.*

Salam'alaykum. Irummi My name is Shah Adam Fadly a.k.a SAF. B-D

There it goes. We met him. And he's so adorable!!! And now I miss him already. Hahah~ Thinking of his bad habit, this boy is so.... =.=". One thing. He loves to f*rt. Seriously. XD


Oh. This is me and my PBL group members(sis). We had our community service during our first week of block 4. It was quite okay I guess. But we really had so much fun! And now, thinking of our next community service. Where would that be eh? ;-)

My my... there's so many grammatical mistakes.
Who cares?
As long as I can understand. =P

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