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Monday, May 30, 2011


Salam'alaykum wbt...

I dont know what kind of things that initiate my heart and mind to write about this. But I'm pretty sure that I was influenced by 4 presentations from my classmates just now, who presented about the Civilization of Muslim Caliphate.I sure do gain lots of knowledge today. Something that's so precious! To know who we are and realize what our duties that we're carrying throughout our entire life living in this world.

Being a Muslim is something that people should be proud of. Not only that, we have to know that we have so many things that we need to think and do in order to brings back The Greatness of Islam. There's no time to think about or let ourself to be influenced by Hedonism, which is something that most people do. Many of us, well majority of us really fall for it. We enjoy hearing musics, watching movies, playing games, reading novel, yada3 instead of listening and learning the message that Allah send to us through Al-Quran. There's so many things that we SHOULD do. And yet, we never realize it.

I do sometimes despise myself for being so lagha and let myself drown into things that I shouldn't such as watching movies when I have free times. For the last few days, I didn't even open my Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Environmental Health notes (which is something that I SHOULD DO as a student).

See? How Hedonism have been so GREAT by controlling our mind and heart! Just like one of Maher Zain's songs which clearly stated:
"Yes it's easy to blame everything on the WEST, when in fact our focus should be on OURSELVES"
I should be more particular regarding Ummatic problem. I should focusing more on our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I should learn to help any Muslims who are my siblings in Islam throughout the entire world. I should improve my knowledge about history of Islam. I SHOULD be who I'm suppose to be as a MUSLIM! And that's the best way living in this world.

People can talk how eager they are to be Mujaheedin, fighting against any cruel power of the world. Yes, we are trying to bring back the Caliphate Era in front of our eyes, right now, so that we can live harmoniously in this world. Yes, we can talk! But do we really perform at least the very basic things to be applied in our lives?
1. Perform congregational solah (prayer) 5 times each day fulfilling Takbiratul Ula
2. Performing Solatan Sunnah
3. Du'a not just for the Ummah but mainly for ourselves so that we can be strong enough to be the best Muslim that serves for Allah
4. Giving sadaqah, not necessarily by giving money because money is NOT everything that counts to give a good and ikhlas sadaqah.
5. To be a Mukhlisin in whatever we do
6. To do good to our parents and siblings and also our keen
7. To do good to our friends by performing solah jama'ah, not jama'ahly watching music videos during Maghrib time!
8. To do good to our respected lecturers who have been sacrificing their holidays in order to know and help our work progress.
9. To love Allah and Rasulullah above everything, before your unlawful love ones (aka boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever you call them. Baby, dear, sayang or whatsoever, it doesn't matter. As long as it if unlawful, it will always remain as that!
10. Yada3.

There's so many basic things that we SHOULD do so that at least we will not be among people who contributed to bad things or bad names to Islam. (Na'udzubillah min zalik)

Look. People can be so excited when they talk about entertainment and politics. In fact, if there's any demonstrations, we can find so many people pooling on that particular place. But I found this status, I'm not sure where and when. But it states +- like this.
"There's so many people who have been so spirited to be mujaheedin. They said they want to fight for Islam. But I dont even see these people, the same faces(who went for demonstration) at the mosque when Allah calls them for prayer. In fact they just ignore the azan by the mu'azin"


I'm not blaming anybody here. I'm truthfully and sincerely writing this to reflect on myself. As a Muslim, I know I can be better and I SHOULD be better. Instead of wasting my time facebook-ing(which is something that I dont do like I used to anymore), I should spend my time reading about histories of Islam, find at least some way to contribute something for Islam. That's what I'm supposed to do, now and then.

I cant comment more regarding what people should or shouldn't do. We know what's best for us. Well, Allah knows. Just in case you wanna fight for Islam, please DO SO. But do it in proper way and peacefully. But what we're doing right now is none of that. We are so divided! And now we still wanna fight for Islam? UNITY! Unite first! Then only talk about jihad. Or is that not the right way? Fine. Fight for Islam without supporting one another. We can see whether we can win or LOSE BADLY in the future.

"And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you) and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favor on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love so that by His grace ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of fire and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make his signs clear to you: that ye may be guided". (Verse 013, Al-Imran).

Abu Hurairah, radiyallahu 'anhu, reported that the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, said:
"Do not be envious of one another; do not artificially inflate prices against one another; do not hate one another; do not shun one another; and do not undercut one another in business transactions; and be as fellow-brothers and servants of Allah.
A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He neither oppresses him nor humiliates him nor looks down upon him. Piety is here - and he pointed to his chest three times. It is evil enough for a Muslim to hold his brother Muslim in contempt. All things of a Muslim are inviolable for another Muslim: his blood, his property and his honour." [Muslim]

Isn't this enough?



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