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Monday, April 27, 2009

What wrong with my brain.. ="(

What's wrong with me..??
Eventho I've tried so hard.. but still, I end up to face failure...
I've tried so hard.. People knows that... S is what I did each and everytime.. I never left B even when I go for outing... I stayed up every single night to face B... But at the end... Failure..

Something wrong with my brain... I guess.. No matter how hard I tried... I always failed it... ='(

I wish I can give up... I wanna give up... I just can't stand with it anymore... I can't...

I can't...

My lecturer said to me,
"I know u are excellent student. I'm happy and proud that u can score 18 and 19 upon 20 in every single quiz that u take. But now, I'm disappointed... U have a very good brain. Maybe u studied so hard before the exam. Student can easily get blank during examination, and apparently that occurs to u... I just hope that u can accept what has been fated. Control ur emotion, take some time to rest. Take care of urself and ur health. I hope u can score during final exam,"

I cried... that moment I cried in front of my lecturer... So kind of her... Not only her, I'm also diappointed with myself. Everytime during exam, I can easily got blank. Yea, everytime... I dunno why.... And it seems this situation always happen to me since I step into 'Matriculation Year'. I didn't remember any of this happen to me when I was in high school..

What's wrong with me? Why I became such a stupid and idiot?!! Why... ='(

Even if I cry again and again, nothing could be done... Nothing.. The only thing that I can do is to struggle for my final exam next 2 weeks... I hope... I really2 hope that I won't get blank during final exam.. Please... I don't want to fail...

If my fren knew about it, I'm sure they will be shocked... Not that I want to be proud of myself, but they know and they realize how much I studied hard B subject... Real hard... Everytime I have free time, B subject that I revise... I must say, I studied B day, night and midnight... I love B but why I just can't score it? Why...??

If I'm disappointed with myself, I'm sure my family will be much more diappointed than I am especially my mother...

Right after I got my result and cried in front of my B lecturer, I called my mom. I wanted to tell her eventho it's so hard for me to puke out the words... But seems like she's buzy with her teaching or something... 30 minutes after that she called me...

"Assalamualaikum, nape adik call oma?" My mom's voice is so cheerful, I couldn't bear to tell her... ='(
"Waalaikummussalam, oma tengah wat pe?"
"Tadi ada kelas. Ayah dah masuk duit nak beli tiket. Rmxxx"
"Oh, banyaknye. Tiket bukannya mahal mane pown"
"Takpela. Kire duit blanje skali"
"Ok. Time kaceh...=) "
"Nape call??" Suddenly, my mom talk to someone else...
"Urm, oma call balik nanti.." and she off the phone...

Sighness... 5 minutes after that, my mom called back..

"Sorry, oma ada mesyuarat nanti. Nape adik call? Suara semacam je ni. Cam sedih je.. Ada pape ke?"
"Takde la.. Tak sihat sket. Lepas teman Yun masuk hospital, selsema tak elok lagi,"
"Owh.. tak p jumpa doktor ke?"
"La, nak dekat seminggu dah ni. P la jumpa doktor..."
"Takpe la... nanti2 elok la 2..." (That's me.. Very hard to meet doctors and very hard to take in medicine)
"Nie... betul takde pape ni?"
"Betul.. adik saje call oma..." Actually, at that moment, I'm trying to control myself from crying.. ="(
"Ok la.. nanti oma call balik ye... Jaga diri elok2. I luv u. Assalamualaikum.."
"I luv u 2... waalaikummussalam..."

And tears falling down my cheek.. Again... I wish I can tell u oma... Tapi adik tak sampai hati... Adik dah kecewakan oma.... Sori... adik tak berniat pun... Sori... =(


I'm cursed!

Today, my life is cursed...

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today's interesting thing. Something to be share with... =D

Though not very clear there.. It stated that...

Quiz 5 Chapter Locomotion and Support

Marks: 19/20

Alhamdulillah... At last! =)

Books that I bought

Salam and Welcome...
Today's post is about the books that I bought when I went to KLBF PWTC last week.
Here it goes!!

5 novels. Love story of coz... Not that Islamic but then, not that bad actually.
From left to right:
1st book- Labyrinth by Imaen.
it's some kind of love+thriller story. I'm not sure it's interesting or not bcoz I haven't read the novel ye. But I'm sure it will catch my attention to continue reading it till the end.. =)
2nd book: Matahariku by Aina Emir.
The latest karya by Aina Emir if I'm not mistaken. It must be interesting.. *wink*
3rd book: Aa+Bb by Hlovate.
I've read this novel. Superb!! Fantastic! Marvellous! (is the spelling correct? Gosh! My english getting worser day by day... =.=" ) Heheh... The story is really2 interesting. That's why at the end, I decided to own it by myself. I'll never get boring keep on reading this novel. However, no one knows who Hlovate is. I mean, no one ever met her except for the owner of the publisher. I wonder how she looks like. But know what, whoever she is, I just wanna say, I really3 wanna meet u Hlovate! The novel is about a female doctor and a male engineer. (Hurm...mcm kisah sape ea..?? *wink3* )
4th book: Cinta Sejati by Azra Aryriesa.
Nice name. Is it gonna be nice story? We will see after I read the book. =)
5th book: Cinta Kau dan Aku by Siti Rosmizah.
One word. Remarkable!!! She's a good writer I must say. She managed to make me feel very angry and cried by reading her novel. Seriously. U can feel each and every detail of the character's feelings. I love this book so much! In fact, I resist to let Yunnie borrow this book! Because I love it so much! (Sowiey Yun...)

Comics by Gempak Starz.
I haven't read it yet. Lack of time. Maybe I'll read it after I graduated Sem 3 by the middle of May month.
Ok. Actually, I bought this book for my brother. But I do own Aku Terima Nikahnya book. And I'm gonna meet the author of this book on this Saturday! Yay!!

One of my favourite book.
Satu Penantian by Aina Emir, Bikash Nur Idris and Mimie Afinie.
Actually this book is a nopen. (Nopen- novel pendek) It consist of 5 short stories. Very interesting though... =)

Stated there:
Salam Sayang,
Aina Emir,
I managed to met the author of Satu Penantian book!!

Stated there:
Salam Sayang,
Mimie Afinie,
And that makes my day... =)

So, I think that's all. I didn't bought that much aite? Heheh... As I said, I'm going to KLBF PWTC again on this Saturday. Can't wait to buy few more books!! Heheh.. GTG.. need to finished up my assignment. It need to be submitted by next week. Great! Chaiyok2!!
Lotsa Lurvey <3>
p/s: I luv u... <3

Biology oh Biology

I just don't get it! Why biology notes have to be 10 metres long?!! Can't they make it short? That's what makes people things biology is tough and difficult. Because the craziness of the writers to write such a looongggg notes.

They can make short and interesting! That's what I did so that I can easily memorize my notes. But it seems like, scientist and biology authors, they have the brains, but they don't have the creativeness.

Ok. Fine. Some people said that " If biology notes is short, u might left out certain important things behind!" Yea, maybe, but that doesn't mean that u have to write that 10 metres-or-kilometres long! I just don't get it! Not at all!!

Know what? InsyaAllah, if I have free times, I'll be a biology online-writers so that people like me, who does not have very genius brain, can catch up with biology thingies. I'll make it like a short notes, just few words and arrows, simple yet complete with all important things. And see if people like it. I can assure u that people will like it. Hmmph!! =P

Biology madness,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

love biology EXperiMEnt

Camwhoring Addict at Biology Lab B2
Precaution: Only students are allowed to read this post as lecturer might attack the owner of the blog due to breaking the rules during experiments (18 SG)

To study the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis

Lotsa love <3>

Book Fair '09 at PWTC

Salam and welcome....

I'm gonna make it short because u know...i'm not that kind of girl who know how to story things around and make it interesting. But I can asure you that my story is interesting.
So, i went to Kuala Lumpur Book Fair (KLBF) 2009 at PWTC last Saturday with my friends, named Amiera, Liza, Helmi and Aimin. We started our journey at 2.00 p.m. Firstly, we took a bus and went to University Station and then from there, we took the Rapid KL LRT and transited at Masjid Jamek. From Masjid Jamek, we crossed the road and took another Rapid KL LRT straight to PWTC. So, when we arrived there, we didn't go straight to PWTC actually. We dropped by at The Mall first because we were so hungry we didn't take our breakfast yet. So, my frens was so happy enjoying their food but me? I ate nothing bcoz the food there sucks! Like...duh~ The food was darn expensive but the taste was like...eewww... =P I only managed to get my self a chocolate milk drink and that's it.
(I'm hungry like only-God-knows-how-much-and-loud-my-stomach-ber'zikir'ing, but I just can't wait to meet all those books!!!)

So, around 4.00 p.m, we get our ass off to PWTC. The moment i step into PWTC, i can feel like... OhMeGosh!!! BOOKS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! I lllurrrvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee books!!! So damn much actually! What to do... i can even stay up just bcoz i wanted to finished up reading novels... Love story novels of coz.. Heheh... *wink2*
Urm... since i'm so used of living like such an independant girl ( I can even go to Gombak by LRT alone...) I decided to have this kind of oh-love-book-shopping-yay alone. Amiera hook up with Liza while Helmi with Aimin of coz. Me, leave me alone when it is about books... Heheh..

What more I can say. PWTC rockzzz!!! ( For some one who love to read books like me..Heheh.. =P ). They have lots of book that i really3 love. Novels, comics and not to forget, motivational books.. Who says motivational book is so boring? They are great! (if u know how to choose the right ones).

So, i'm not going to talk much. Pictures portrays thousands of stories aite? So, enjoy with this piccas!!!

p/s: The piccas might not so clear bcoz my fon is too 'kokak'. Only 2.0 megapixels. They are soooo light insensitive. If i were to be an engineer, sure i will create one which has very darn good functions but at the same time, very affordable... But what to do.. I'm a future doctor... Insya Allah... =)

Did u realize that guy with the black songkok? He's one of the In Team singer (note that In Team is one of the nasyeed group)

This girl, her name is Nik Nur Madhihah. She's the one who achieved 20A's in her SPM 2008

The most right one is the writer of one of the novels that I favour the most!

The lady on the left one (polka dot scarf) is Aina Emir. She's one of my favourite writers too! =)

Oh I lurve this rack. So colourful! Compilation of Chick Lit's karya's. I didn't buy this book bcoz of the 'insufficient' money case. ='(

Lurve this booth. Full of balloons!! Very colourful! I lurve colorful thingies! *wink*

Another thing that attracts my attention. Purple and orange. So darn genius combination!

This group... I have no idea what 'Magic' is.. Are they some kind of people from American-Idol-like programme? Mabe the difference is, they don't sing, they do magic. Isn't that rational? Hahaha!!

Again, colourful books. I didn't buy it bcoz this is for kids.. I'm a teenager ohkay!

Colourful buttons from Anis booth

Helmi: This girl is cute rite?

Aimin: I think Farah is much more cute than she is.

*wink* =P

Helmi: *urmmmm.....*

Aimin: She wanna broke up with me???


Hahaha!! Just kidding there. To Helmi and Aimin, thanks a lot for willing to sacrifice ur time and accompany us to the book fair. U guys really are true frens... =)

Neway, I have no idea how much money that I spent to buy my novels and etceteras. But, for sure it is over rm100.. heheh...

And know what? I'm going to KLBF at PWTC again this Saturday. This time, with Ain and Yunnie. Ahhh... can't wait to go there again! I'm planning of buying Chick Lit's novels and Ana Muslim note book. So cute! Heheh..

Ok..gottogo now. I want to continue reading my novel--> Cinta Kau dan Aku. Bei2!!

p/s: I'm suppose to sudy biology but... I just can't resist reading this novel!! Hahaha!! I promise I'll read it tomorrow morning. No oversleeping. Heheh..

Lotsa love <3,