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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Books that I bought

Salam and Welcome...
Today's post is about the books that I bought when I went to KLBF PWTC last week.
Here it goes!!

5 novels. Love story of coz... Not that Islamic but then, not that bad actually.
From left to right:
1st book- Labyrinth by Imaen.
it's some kind of love+thriller story. I'm not sure it's interesting or not bcoz I haven't read the novel ye. But I'm sure it will catch my attention to continue reading it till the end.. =)
2nd book: Matahariku by Aina Emir.
The latest karya by Aina Emir if I'm not mistaken. It must be interesting.. *wink*
3rd book: Aa+Bb by Hlovate.
I've read this novel. Superb!! Fantastic! Marvellous! (is the spelling correct? Gosh! My english getting worser day by day... =.=" ) Heheh... The story is really2 interesting. That's why at the end, I decided to own it by myself. I'll never get boring keep on reading this novel. However, no one knows who Hlovate is. I mean, no one ever met her except for the owner of the publisher. I wonder how she looks like. But know what, whoever she is, I just wanna say, I really3 wanna meet u Hlovate! The novel is about a female doctor and a male engineer. (Hurm...mcm kisah sape ea..?? *wink3* )
4th book: Cinta Sejati by Azra Aryriesa.
Nice name. Is it gonna be nice story? We will see after I read the book. =)
5th book: Cinta Kau dan Aku by Siti Rosmizah.
One word. Remarkable!!! She's a good writer I must say. She managed to make me feel very angry and cried by reading her novel. Seriously. U can feel each and every detail of the character's feelings. I love this book so much! In fact, I resist to let Yunnie borrow this book! Because I love it so much! (Sowiey Yun...)

Comics by Gempak Starz.
I haven't read it yet. Lack of time. Maybe I'll read it after I graduated Sem 3 by the middle of May month.
Ok. Actually, I bought this book for my brother. But I do own Aku Terima Nikahnya book. And I'm gonna meet the author of this book on this Saturday! Yay!!

One of my favourite book.
Satu Penantian by Aina Emir, Bikash Nur Idris and Mimie Afinie.
Actually this book is a nopen. (Nopen- novel pendek) It consist of 5 short stories. Very interesting though... =)

Stated there:
Salam Sayang,
Aina Emir,
I managed to met the author of Satu Penantian book!!

Stated there:
Salam Sayang,
Mimie Afinie,
And that makes my day... =)

So, I think that's all. I didn't bought that much aite? Heheh... As I said, I'm going to KLBF PWTC again on this Saturday. Can't wait to buy few more books!! Heheh.. GTG.. need to finished up my assignment. It need to be submitted by next week. Great! Chaiyok2!!
Lotsa Lurvey <3>
p/s: I luv u... <3

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