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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Biology oh Biology

I just don't get it! Why biology notes have to be 10 metres long?!! Can't they make it short? That's what makes people things biology is tough and difficult. Because the craziness of the writers to write such a looongggg notes.

They can make short and interesting! That's what I did so that I can easily memorize my notes. But it seems like, scientist and biology authors, they have the brains, but they don't have the creativeness.

Ok. Fine. Some people said that " If biology notes is short, u might left out certain important things behind!" Yea, maybe, but that doesn't mean that u have to write that 10 metres-or-kilometres long! I just don't get it! Not at all!!

Know what? InsyaAllah, if I have free times, I'll be a biology online-writers so that people like me, who does not have very genius brain, can catch up with biology thingies. I'll make it like a short notes, just few words and arrows, simple yet complete with all important things. And see if people like it. I can assure u that people will like it. Hmmph!! =P

Biology madness,

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