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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Salam'alaykum wbt...

Seems like most degree students are having their holiday right now... For almost 3 months. Some of them are planning to do useful stuffs, go for a vacation or maybe in the case of 1st year Meds student, we might need to re-study all subjects that we've studied in the past 1 year. Well, seems like the topics that we need to cover is actually A LOT! But, that's actually the reason why we need to re-study now since we might not be able to re-study everything in 2 weeks before the PRO EXAM. Well, I do believe Dentist students have their benefits of experiencing Pro Exam every year because at least they dont need to revise all thing of 2 years syllabus in 2 weeks like what we need to do. But then, having to experience Pro Exam every single year can really make you so stress out. So, no matter what course you're taking right now, it does have its own weaknesses and benefits. As long as you try so hard to cope with it, you'll be fine. That's what I always think. (^_^)

Anyways, if you dont plan of studying during this 3-months period, what exactly are you planning to do? Rasulullah saw once stated that those who does not improve from who he was yesterday are indeed among people who have loss. In fact, in the Holy Quran, Allah SWT reminds mankind to use their time wisely. In Surah Al-Asr verse 1-3 He stated that, "By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience,"

So, just in case you're not planning to do anything meaningful, you're wasting your priceless neurons! They might die, unable to survive due to lack of energy given to them via thinking-activities of yours. I may have very few and simple suggestion of activities that you may be able to do throughout this holiday.

-Memorising Al-Quran (learning language at the same time)
-Learn more Hadith Sahih and others
-Improve your knowledge to improve your aqidah
-Try to do Tahajjud minimum 3 times a week- You have no excuses right now, dont you? ;-)
-Do muhasabah to see whether you've improved from who you were before
-Help your parents
-Be the babysitter
-Re-design your bedroom maybe? ;-)
-Surf useful websites (I've provided few links at the column, on your right)
-Read knowledgeable books
-A lot more others.
*I'll keep on updating this whenever I have something come up in my mind.

Well, I bet most of my friends are watching movies or dramas right now since they might having Movie or Drama Marathon (the one that does not lose any weights =P) . Of course, I'm not gonna say it's a bad thing although it is a little bit of wasting your precious time. But then again, why it's NOT a bad thing? Well, simply because I learn to speak English and Mandarin through excessive watching all these kind of things few years back (Err, I'm not really into Korean dramas or movies. So, I can hardly pick up the language but I do know some of it because my roommates love to say few Hanguk words in our room. ^^,). There's always useful ways of appreciating things, right? If you just watch, saja nak layan perasan, then that's a waste! So, try to get anything that you can earn, and it's free! You have 'live' class in front of your eyes. Make use of it to the fullest okay?! (^_*)

Oh well, I was about to write more and more but I have a duty as the most loveliest(=P) child in the world. My mom's calling me to help her out for something.

Till then, Wassalam.

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