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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Islamic Ta'aruf

Salam'alaykum wbt.

Let's try to search and discover who we are before we make efforts to know others, shall we?

"Truly in the heart there is a sadness that cannot be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah and being true to Him. And in it there is an emptiness that cannot be filled except with love for Him and by turning to Him and always remembering Him. And if a person were given all of the world and what's in it, it would not fill this emptiness"
(Ibn Al-Qayyim)

"I am a traveler seeking the truth, a human searching for the meaning of humanity and a citizen seeking dignity, freedom, stability and welfare under shade of Islam. I am a free man who is aware of the purpose of his existence and who proclaims: "Truly my prayer and my sacrifice, my living and my dying are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds, no partner has He. This, am I commanded and I am of those who submit to His Will," This is who I am. WHO ARE YOU?"
(Hassan al-Banna)



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