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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Confession Dilemma

Salam'alaykum wbt everyone. I make du'a for the success of each one of us so we may be successful here and not to forget, HereAfter too of course! InsyaAllah, Ameen Ya Rabb! (^_^)

There's this movie that I've just finished watching few hours ago and I decided to write a post regarding the movie. Well, it's not that I'm going to story exactly what's the film is all about... It's just... I felt so motivated to talk about two things that the movie clearly wants to highlight, which are SELF ESTEEM & MOTIVATION.

I do believe I'm a kind of person who have a low self esteem. Seriously... When it comes to certain things, I just cannot let myself to do it. The feeling of insecurity kinda kills me inside out.

Obviously, many people wish to do something that sometimes doesn't fit with their ownselves. But they really wish they could do it. But somehow they just couldn't! You know what I meant right? It's like, you feel you wanna eat a bunch of Ferrero Rocher chocolate to fulfill your cravings but you just couldn't because you're afraid it will result to the deposition of liposaccharides to your body tissue and you might end up gaining few kilograms because you didn't use all kilo Joules that you just consume. (Sorry for the mighty lengthy informal science lecture from the most unqualified persona) *sigh*

Some people are trying to hide their identity because they're not confident with their ownselves.(err... am I included?) They're afraid of rejection and believe me, people are REALLY afraid of rejection because it hurts so much... So much so they're willing to take no risk that may lead to that. They just couldn't bear any kind of situations like that. So, they end up hiding their identity from the reality. And it's actually the world of FANTASY.

I do believe people who can motivate other people are actually the people who needs motivations from others before they could end up being a motivator, giving motivational talk to other people. They must have gone through a lot of situations that they could understand other people's situation. I do believe that people who motivates other people are actually needs the same motivation from other people. Since they dont want these people to be frustrated or end up in a situation that they have experienced before (i.e. not getting any motivation from other people), they start to motivate these people so that they wont feel the same way as much as these motivators did.

Did you realize that motivators always know the right way and the right words of motivating people? In order to be a good motivator, it's not necessarily that they have to be a genius in any kind of field. They only need to have these 2 things in them:

'Empathy' and 'Sympathy'

Having these 2 characteristics in their soul will make them eligible enough to be a motivator. And above all, they must be the one who are willing to help people to improve their life qualities. It seems easy, right? Trust me. It is not as easy as you think it is!

Not many people have these qualities in their ownselves. And it's actually really hard to find somebody who are willing to help other people, sincerely, without any intention of getting something in return. Well, maybe there are people who can really do things with pure intention. But hey, being a motivator is like helping people for the rest of your life. It's a non on-off kind of thing. Once you become a motivator, people will always look for more from you. And you cannot just ruin other people's hope. You need to motivate them at least as good as you did before! And doing the same thing all over again is not that easy. And in the end, you might end up lying to people who puts their hope upon you. Isn't that 'EASY'? =)

Well, as far as I'm writing here, it kinda reflects my ownself all together. Sometimes I do motivate people with things that I actually need to get motivated for my ownself too! It's like an opportunity, actually, that Allah SWT give to us. He sends us people who needs our help regarding the same matter that we needs help too. Maybe He wants us to say things that we can actually use to motivate our self. Or maybe the least that we can do is to think! We don't need to 'GET' the motivation actually. It's already there. The motivation is IN you! You don't really need other people to tell you what you need to do. Sometimes you already knew what to do. It's just that you're afraid to take and grab that opportunity to tell your ownself the real truth. Right? =)

Don't you ever let your ownself to be DEmotivated. It's in YOU. Light it up~! Be brave! Brave enough to do what you really need to do. Let it out! Fly like a bird! You're free from everything! Why need to control yourself over things that you shouldn't do? It's in your heart. Be confident of yourself. Be confident of who you are! Guided by Quran and Sunnah, you can NEVER go astray.

Wallahua'alam. Wassalam.

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