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Monday, October 19, 2009

Die Hard English Day!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Good morning sunshine!!

The sunny day makes me felt like I wanted to post something in English today. What a horrible, terrible grammar I have in my brain since I rarely write and talk in English nowadays. Oh how my MUET results gonna be... Hope I'm doing fine and the results are just great. Sem 1 results too. Ok stop it. I dont want to talk about THAT.

I still remember... when I was in secondary school, I used to talk in English with my colleagues no matter what topics we are talking about. Wherever and whenever. Since we've been labelled as the-geniuses-people-who-talk-in-English-all-the-time-whatever, people don't really talk with us. They always have that type of spoilt-brat-mengada-giler look at us. Well, blame no one. We want to improve ourselves in English, so we talk in English. If you don't like it, just stay away from us. That was our mind set during those days.

And now, I can hardly talk in English. Not that I became stupid by the dusty and rusty brain, but maybe lack of practices. Oh how I miss to have friends who are willing to talk in English with me every single day.

Honestly, I know I'm not a genius. So not. Not at all. Even geniuses around me don't even give a damn to talk in English to improve their languages. They are smart enough I guess. Some ordinary people like me, we need those practices. People used to say my colleagues and I were trying to show off but know what, say whatever your beautiful lips want to pronounce. As long as that would give benefits to ourselves, we just don't care ok.

Oh friends. I wonder how their lifes are going round. Ada, Nadia, Akmar are my bffs. I miss the day a bunch of us hang out together like we own this world. I miss to talk and laugh like there's no other people living around us. I miss to shop till us drop (window shopping of course). I miss to tickle them till they felt annoyed. And above all... I just miss my friends. Being away in Penang makes me happy with my family but I miss them at the same time. This is the first time I celebrate Eid Mubarak without my bffs. No wonder I felt the sorrowness... I don't feel the happiness and the joyous of celebrating Eid Mubarak. We are now away from each other. Now I know why people miss school's years.

Now I'm thinking... This upcoming sem need me to complete my English level by taking EAP (English for Academis Purposes). I heard from my friends it was quite tough. I never think that learning languages are hard. Well, maybe I know I wont be able to score. But now, I'm sweating from head to toe, screaming in the heart like the whole world could hear, breathe deeply like I would have to stay in the darkly deep ocean for years and sleeping with open eyes till this not-so-beautiful-face being moist by the natural moisturisers called tears. Yes. That's what I'm facing right now. I can face anything but failure. I already picked few topics for me to consider. Not only that, I've been gathering all MATERIALS needed for ALL topics. Yes. I mean ALL. But I just cant sit put. I dont know why. I believe I absolutely can pass the subject (well everyone does) but what makes me worried is, Can the language subject give me the best result? Which I mean an A. Oh well... We will see later... We will...

Ok. Now I think this post is getting a bit longer than it supposed to be. Moral of the story, learn English properly. Hehe...


Actually, I'm not planning of talking about my everyday-talking-in-English-years or any kind of those stuffs. I'm just interested with cupcakes lately. It's so cute till my heart melts away draining to the beautiful deep blue sea. I just love to see it (not eating it ok). And now I'm thinking of baking them. Should I? Well, I'm afraid the cakes might got burnt in my umi's newly bought oven. But, without trying, we will never know it right? Or is it? Here are the most cutest cupcakes displayed by the black round pupil of my eye.

I got this picture from Google. I wonder the real existance...

This cupcakes really does exist. They are made by my brother's friend. This cupcakes are actually for engaging purpose. Very sweet right? Oh... I wonder when I will get those things... I mean cupcakes ok. =P

Well, that's all. I think I'm going to buy the cupcakes from my brother's friend. But will I eat it? Because it's just too nice to be destroyed by my hunger-open-wide-mouth...

Till then... Wassalam.

Cahaya Kegirangan Kemuliaan

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